Our Vision

Excellent Public Service to the Public.

Our Mission

To create a prosperous public by identifying all the problems and issues of the people in the administrative division of Rajanganaya Divisional Secretariat and finding productive solutions for them through providing services according to the public policies co-coordinating of resources and resolution of issues with obtaining the participation of the public in the division.  

Rajanganaya derived its name from a historical origin “Raja Midula or Raja Anganaya” which means the place where ancient kings spent their leisure time engaging in different sports and traditional games. 

Rajanganaya farming division was commenced in 1965 as a colony facilitating lands for the farmers from other parts of the island for their settlement as well as cultivation. The service is great and priceless which is provided by Rajanganaya reservoir to fertilize both the seasons Yala and Maha of the year in order to fulfill the dreams of the innocent farmers in the area.  

This giant colony is one of the most fertilized divisions in the administrative district of Anuradhapuraya.

Role performed at DS

Name From To
Mr. M. A Thilakarathne 1986 1986
Mr. D. M. K. J Bandara 1986 1988
Mr. A. Wijekarunamuni 1988 1989
Mr. H. M. K Herath 1989 1990
Mr. A. Boralugoda 1990 1992
Mr. Ananda Ekanayaka 1993 1995
Mr. Sunil Senadeera 1995 1996
Mr. Sarath Wijesinghe 1996 1999
Mrs. U. A. C Gunarathne 1999.09 2001.02
Mrs. M. A Anula Indrani 2001.05 2007.05
Mr. R. M. G Senarathne


Mr. N. M. N. R. B Nawarathne 2012.06  2013
Mrs. S. N. G Abeysekara (Acting) 2014.06 2014.06
Mr. D. M Shantha Dasanayaka 2014.06


Mrs. E. M. S Edirisinghe (Acting)

2014.09 2015.03

Mr. K. K. G. I. D. P Wijethilaka

2015.03 2015.09
Mr. R. M. G Senarathne (Acting) 2015.09.14 2016.06
Mr. P. G Sunil Abeykoon 2016.06.17 Till date

News & Events

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